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Episode 13 - Are You Listening to Your body?

Updated: May 5, 2021

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Stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, all symptoms we need to understand, especially as a business owner. No one knows their body better than you do. And if you know that something is just not right, then you need to address it. You only get this one life and you have to take care of your body so you can live a long, healthy life. Learn what you can do to understand the signs your body is sending you that something is just not right. Before it's too late. Tune into this week's episode of stand out and grow to learn more. I'm Kat Ramirez, your host of stand out and grow. I want to help your business stand out survive succeed. and grow. building your business is really, really hard. And knowing what marketing and advertising tools you need to help you become successful is extremely confusing. After 30 years of working with thousands of businesses, I am here to help you make good business decisions. I want to help you understand the programs that are available to you so that you can stand out survive, succeed and grow. So let's get started. This is Episode 13. of stand out and grow bang. My guest today is a national board certified health and wellness coach and a functional medicine health practitioner. Her mission is to help exhausted stress women regain their energy, stamina and tility if I'm saying that word right, she believes that no one knows their body better than you do. And if you say there is something just not right, then you need to work on finding out what that is and why that is here her amazing personal story that led her to her mission today. Please join me in welcoming Judy Han, CEO of Han holistic help.

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Welcome, Judy. Hon. Thank you so much for joining me today.

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Well, thanks Kat. I'm really pleased to be here. Thank you for asking.

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Wonderful, wonderful I'm I just love talking about this topic. I think a lot of the people that will be listening will get a lot out of this because I me for one entrepreneur. And also I can just relate this to my corporate life. I would say that, you know, I work so much that I forget about my health. And I know that your health should be a priority no matter what, whether you're in corporate life or you're an entrepreneur, would you would you agree? Oh, well,

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absolutely. I think that people forget that the greatest asset that they have in life is the healthy body. And if that's not taken care of, well, then your corporate life probably isn't very good. And neither is anything else that you do as if you don't have your health. none of it matters.

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Right. Right. I would absolutely agree. So your company hon Holistic Health is a very unique business model that you have. I love it. You know one of the statements that used Say in a lot of the materials is together will find Health Solutions not use band aids, which really is in reference to, you know, overmedicating or medicating to fix a problem, right?

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Absolutely. What happens is that people go to the doctor and and you have to understand I, I do not fault Western medicine for anything, they are free in an emergency situation, if I break something, that's where I'm going, but they, they really have not been trained to deal with the chronic degenerative diseases that we have today that have been created by the four food sources that we have for nutrients and things like that. So yeah, okay.

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And before we go into all of this, your business model and all this, I, I just want to revert to a conversation we had a couple months ago because I love this story. That You tell because you personally have gone through this as well, you know, being a very, very healthy person and then all of a sudden one day finding out that you had a really major problem going on, right? And if you want to talk about it and just share with us, you know, that kind of little story that you have.

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Well, it's I'm very fortunate in a way that it was actually a structural problem that I had, but it was told to me from one day to the next that I had a life threatening structural problem I had four discs in my cervical spine that were so far in the spinal canal that I was told don't have a car accident and don't all especially down the stairs and of course, I put that on my do not do list like I could control but I laugh at that now. Actually, it's a year ago today that I was in Germany, because the only offers I was getting in the United States for fixing the issues that I had were spinal fusions. And after doing the research on spinal fusions, looking at the percentage is something like 30% are successful. It did not feel right. And I was fortunate enough to find somebody who was very well known in Germany to be a an expert yet, this kind of surgery and so my sister and I went to surgery to Germany last year, and on the 21st of November, which is it's kind of funny that you and I are doing a podcast today. On the 21st of November last year, I had four discs placed in my cervical spine and and I'm perfectly fine today but it's it's very important for people to understand and I think this is why you brought it up was that medical advice and medical services are just that they're a service and and should never be a this is what the doctor says so this is what you have to do you really need to advocate for yourself. You need to go out there and find out what it's about ask questions and really figure out what the best service what the best is going to be so that you can continue your life in the most productive way. It is

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and I love that you know you are a case study for your own business model because look, remind me if I'm I'm corrected is it you went to a lot of doctors here in the States An experts in their field and they did not want to touch you.

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Yeah, absolutely. That's correct. I call Johns Hopkins Cedars Sinai Mayo, I talked to the Laser Spine Institute. And those are just some of the big names that I talked to. Some of the places do us a spinal replacement, but only two discs at a time, which would have meant I would have had two surgeries. And others said that I wasn't a candidate at all for the replacement surgery that the only option I had was fusion. And so I just was not prepared at my age to face the fact that I could actually have worse. First of all, I never had any pain. So but I could start to have terrible pain or problems because of the resolution that I was being offer.

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Right? Right because I think you you told me and I didn't know this say, I think you mentioned to me that if you had the fusion, then your head would be just forward like just you could you wouldn't have a lot of movement or be able to have the mobility.

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it's hard to say exactly, but because with fusion, there is something called a Jason disc disease. So they wanted to fuse c three to four, four to five five to six and six to seven, which only leaves c one and C two remaining in the cervical spine. And if I would have a Jason this disease because remember now the the discs above and below are going to be doing all the work and for wearing out quickly. They would eventually have to do more fusions which meant more surgeries and be fairly immobile from the head. So I would have to Turn my whole body, body area often or things now, I've seen other people that had to do that. I don't know if that's what it will look like. But, you know, I was looking at worst case scenario and looking at best case scenario.

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Yep. And I and I think that's, I mean, I just love that you know you took charge and you really did your research and you investigated in you were not going to take you know just any like be done with it you know this is it be done with it. I just love that.

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Thank you. I you know, it didn't occur to me that it was brief or different or anything else. So many things I heard from people, somebody just called me

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some amazing warrior because of what I

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know what I all I knew was that

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I wasn't quite To live in the ways that would limit me in any way, shape or form. And I and I believe that I mean, you know, if if I did the research and found out that was the only option available, okay, now we're talking a different thing. But I believe people really need no matter what's going on in their lives, if they've been given the diagnosis, or they've been told that they have some condition and they should take some medication. You know, if it's not life threatening that moment, look at other options. You don't have to take the other options, but at least go out there and see what's available. Talk to different people get some feedback. Don't just believe because somebody wears a white coat, they have your best interest in in mind.

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Right, right. I love that. I think that is some great advice. So this is a great segue into your business. model, if you can just give us you know, a very just well rounded kind of description of what it is that you do, so that people understand, you know, how you help people kind of do the same thing.

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Sure, that's it was to say that's easy, but it's not always easy because people are kind of like deer in headlights when I go, yeah, I'm a functional medicine health practitioner. Well, first of all, I'm non medical, which means I do not diagnose and I do not prescribe. But functional medicine is really quite fascinating because rather than look at each system in the body as individual, you know, go to the heart specialist or the GI doctor, or the podiatrist or the, you know, who knows I ear, nose and throat actor, we understand that. That everything in the body is interconnected, all the systems talk to each other, nothing is isolated from anything else. And therefore, if you have a problem if you have, if you have a thyroid problem, it's probably not just your thyroid, it's probably many other things that are going on in the body. So I like to say, personally that I educate, inspire and empower overwhelmed, overstressed and over fatigued women to find true Health Solutions, rather than to just use a quick band aid. And unfortunately, many people in today's world, we are a society that wants immediate gratification. And so when I work with somebody, I have a very I don't want to say intense, but I have a process where I go through and I talked to people because I think need to know that they're going to be more invested in their health than I am. Because right, it is a collaboration and we're not used to that one we're dealing with that. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm going to give you recommendations. I'm going to give you my best ideas, supplements, change in sleep habits, lifestyle, I do balancing body, mind and spirit. So I it may be meditation, it may be eating differently, maybe all different things, but you have to be all in. Right, you have to want to make changes. And it's really about creating a lifestyle, which is exactly what I did when I made that decision for my surgery. You know, I could have had the fusion it would have been done. End of story. I don't know what would have happened afterwards. When I created something because I wanted a lifestyle that was going to allow me to To live life to its fullest, and that's, that's what I want for my clients, whether they're women or men, I say women because more women have a tendency to, you know, go to the doctor or ask for help, but I will work with with whoever is really, really committed to making those lifestyle changes.

Unknown Speaker 15:24

Right, which is wonderful. So, in because your motto is a little different, it's more of you helping you know, someone really kind of pinpoint and figure out you know, what's going on so that they can have an intelligent conversations with the doctors that they're dealing with. Right?

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Right. I will and I will actually if a doctor is an open minded doctor, I even offered to speak to my clients, doctors or I will also write letters to their doctors to tell them what we're doing. I I really am lucky right now I've been able to find a wholesale lab that does blood work and some other things at such unbelievably reasonable costs that I don't always have to go to their doctors now and say, Okay, here are the tests that I want because so much I mean, like a regular CBC, which is your regular blood test is like $8 and something $8 and 90 cents. So that's, that's a lot less than even your deductible. So sometimes we can go around it but I look at labs, I can I can tell a huge amount of people's health information just looking at their basic layout.

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That is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 16:54

So what is what is the common thing that you hear from people that Reach out to you. Is there a common thread?

Unknown Speaker 17:03

You know what? There's really not because stress.

Unknown Speaker 17:09

Stress is not the common thread.

Unknown Speaker 17:11

stress. Stress is huge, but I'll tell you something. I'm not sure that people are understanding that their health issues are being caused by stress. Okay, and that's why I say it's not necessary. No, they they'll come to me. They'll say they want to lose weight. Yep. Okay. Well, they don't realize that that's partially a stress induced issue. So right so although I just started a program as well called burn fat, reduce inflammation because losing weight, which is so many people's goal is for me associated with inflammation in the body and that was from what I experienced this last year. After Having put on probably didn't tell you this before, between June, June and January of last year between taking my national board exams and then right immediately finding out about my health concern fapping exercise doing all that feeling sorry for myself and everything else. I went back to the old sugar added up, and carbs and all that good stuff that made me feel better. I put on 30 pounds. Oh wow. and ended up just this last August putting myself on what I now call burn fat reduce inflammation because I've realized how amazing of a program it is to be able to help people. I weighed 172 39% body fat and on August 15 and on September 8, I was 159 and 30% body fit.

Unknown Speaker 19:01

Oh, that's awesome. And what is the program? I love it.

Unknown Speaker 19:04

Well, the program is teaching people how to change their lifestyle and eating habits and balance the blood sugar. So it's great for people who have diabetes or pre diabetes or, or aches and pains and really, I did it for my worst client, and that person was me. Seriously, I made myself fill out my health history and my symptom questionnaire and realize that my arthritis had gotten so out of hand, my hands my feet were so bad. I couldn't really exercise the way I wanted to. And so I put myself on this program. But more importantly than that weight and body fat that I lost, I think, is that this program I then traveled for I don't know if a month, month and a half, where I was dependent on either hotels, restaurants, other people, I never gained a pound because I really use my own techniques and so okay, sometimes, you know, so basically I look at weight loss is a great thing that people can do, but it is really a symptom of something else rather than a goal. So my goal, get rid of my aches and pains. And thanks to the program that allowed me to lose the wave more ardently the inflammation. I was able to get back to my health now I'm going to go back on my program because I want to maintain really nicely through the holidays and even lose some weight. But inflammation is really that is what causes the majority are chronic degenerative diseases I'd say 90% of them start with inflammation, because that's what aggravates the immune system, and then it goes from there.

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Unknown Speaker 21:16

Okay, then, I mean, that's a great story. I mean it That in itself, you know, because I know a lot of women deal with the weight issue and a lot of that is due to stress, whether they're a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur or in corporate America, you know, they harbor a lot of stress. I think it's really hard for them to let go of some of it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 21:44

Well, I think that you're absolutely correct. I think that stress, lousy food and our toxic environment, because I mean, face it. You know, I think of What the weather was like and what things were like when I was a kid versus today and I, I realized that those three things stress being the top of the list, worse, lousy food, because everybody's in a hurry. There are ways to deal with it. And all three things have to be dealt with at the same time to get healthy.

Unknown Speaker 22:24

Right, right.

Unknown Speaker 22:27

So the Yeah, so that's, that's, that's great. So once again, you're,

Unknown Speaker 22:32

you're a byproduct of your own

Unknown Speaker 22:35

program. So that's awesome. Okay, so what are some common myths myths about the field that you're in? That you want to like talk about? Because I know that you probably either hear about them or you know, read about them. Do you want to talk about some of those?

Unknown Speaker 22:56

Can you give me an example of what me

Unknown Speaker 23:00


Unknown Speaker 23:01

So, you know, a lot of people out there might think, you know,

Unknown Speaker 23:07

they don't feel like if they go to someone who's trying to educate them on more of a holistic thing that that's not like real. Um, because because they see holistic as this word, you know what I mean? Like, some people have businesses that and they kind of throw around holistic.

Unknown Speaker 23:27

Do you know what I mean? Sure, sure. Well, and let me address first of all the word holistic, I don't even really use it much anymore. Okay. It is Yes. How to Holistic Health is the name of my business. I'm not going to change the name of my business. Really, for me, when I look at holistic, all it means is that I look at the whole person. And that's really what holistic right? It when I say balancing body, mind and spirit that's what I mean. We're talking religion, are we talking? Who if you know what it really also, it depends on what a person needs because, right? My business is not about me, it's about you, you who might be my client and what that person's goals are. So, um, yes, I know because it's so foreign to us to go to somebody who asks our opinion and whether we think we want to take a supplement or not. Right? But I want to make sure that I follow the plan of what the concept of functional medicine is. And that is, and whether it's a natural path, whether it's a functional medicine, Doctor, whatever it is, is helping you to side and learn because I believe that the change doesn't happen until you're aware. Okay, right. So the first step is I help you be aware. My goal is not to keep you a prisoner is the client for the rest of your life. I want to educate you, I want to give you all of that information, whether it's meditation that you need to add, whether it's drinking, water, whatever it happens to be as basic as how to eat as opposed to, you know, eat organic all the time, although I will give you reasons why that's good as well. But I think that holistic really just says, It is about everything that has to do with you, your outside environment, your inside environment, your relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, that will make you the healthy person that you need to be. Right.

Unknown Speaker 26:08

I think that's, that's great. Because at the end of the day, you know, and again, just so that people know, you know, your complimentary, complimentary complementing what they're already getting from their traditional doctors. It's just that some people get a little frustrated. And so they want to explore, you know, what other things are out there. How can I, you know, solve this problem or kind of get my arms around it? Well, right.

Unknown Speaker 26:37

Yeah, I think often what is happening is that doctors don't recognize the connection between the stress relationship and the diseases that we have. So just for example, a woman feels lousy, she's fatigued, she has brain fog. She Sleep well, she's maybe even a little depressed, maybe a little anxious. She goes to the doctor, the doctor runs blood tests, and then looks at the numbers. Now, the doctor looks at those numbers in regards to what we call reference ranges. Those are specifically Western medicine reference ranges, which are nothing more than statistics. Yeah, only we don't want to know that is the patient. Right? The doctor just says, Oh, your numbers are in the range. You're okay. And, and, and then says, Oh, you know, if you're really feeling depressed, I'll give you an antidepressant. The problem isn't know this happens all the time. Unfortunately, I know. But, but this is the kind of thing That's happening, especially to women. And so instead of, you know, here's the deal, if you don't feel good, if you don't feel good, there's a reason for it. Right? And somebody needs to listen. So what one conversation with somebody make a difference in your life. And I guess that's kind of the niche that I feel. If you feel lousy, and you go to the doctor, and the doctor says, nothing's wrong. But if you want me to give you this, you know, if you want me to give you this medication because you're feeling unhappy, the antidepressant will help. Well, bottom line is, it's not true. First of all the serotonin that it's going to work on 95% of that is made in your gut, not in your head. So we need to work on your gut and getting your gut. Which means how do you eat How do you say What do you drink? How much stress What can we do? Ryan is talking to you about your life, and how we can help you make baby steps to change that life to be better and not just for you. Because my big thing is, if I can teach women how to change their lifestyle, and for the better, right, eating differently, sleeping differently, their home relationships differently Guess what? I have a domino effect. They say that the kids of today may not outlive their parents. Well, guess what? I can help make a difference. Because if I teach mom that if she's real busy, she still can cook healthy. Guess who their house every the whole family. Exactly. So so my perspective is A very broad way of looking at health and wellness. I feel terrible when I hear the statistics on kids in obesity. You know, type two diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes. Do you know why they call it type two today? Why? Because more kids get it almost adults. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 30:30

That is crazy. absolutely crazy.

Unknown Speaker 30:34

Yeah. And it's, it's, it's awful.

Unknown Speaker 30:39

It's awful, but something can be done. See, we can change what's happening. And that's where I see you know, education, educating the parents so that they educate the kids. Get your man and educate the school. What's, you know, it's all going to happen, but we've got to be out there doing something and that's why I do my business. Absolutely, absolutely. So as we begin to wrap up, can you let people know like, what

Unknown Speaker 31:18

types of things that you're working with like, you talked about weight loss, you talked about, you know, diabetes, what other things are you helping people with just so that they, if someone out there has something and they and they say, Oh, I need to call her?

Unknown Speaker 31:33

Oh gosh, um, I guess things like, you know, so many people on and what we call ppis, Nexium, prior lissette people with indigestion and and the reflux. worst thing you can possibly do today. It makes you feel better down the road, it can create horrible problems. Let's figure out why you live in digital And reflux. So heart disease, depression, anxiety, migraines, diabetes, if you're just fatigue, if you have, you know, I love ideas IBG, things like that, and I say it that way, not to be mean or facetious, but because doctors, what they do is they look at symptoms, and then they say, oh, all these people have symptoms now let's give it a name. But for people can be sitting here with me and tell me they have diabetes or they have IBS to whatever it is. And each one may actually have a different root cause. So it's, it's fascinating. Maybe they have an autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, any kind of gastrointestinal issues, people, right whole, ignore things because they're using them, it's become their norm. And, and so, okay, and I was just gonna say and it and it's not necessarily normal for health and wellness.

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Unknown Speaker 33:17


Unknown Speaker 33:17

So what's your recommendation to someone like? What do you tell people? You know when you're talking or in any of your workshops or anything like that as a way to prompt them to say, I might need to talk to her about this?

Unknown Speaker 33:33

What is a trigger? What if I hear somebody?

Unknown Speaker 33:38

Oh no, no, like, I mean is a trigger Are you getting a lot of people say, you know, I'm just not going anywhere with this I keep trying to lose weight I go to my doctor prescribes pills, I'm not losing weight. You know, like, what's a trigger for someone to like, say I need to talk to Judy.

Unknown Speaker 33:53

Sometimes it takes them

Unknown Speaker 33:57

to actually go to the next Doctor and the Doctor tell them that they're going to be put on a medication. Okay, and what is the trick? Yeah, it's a huge trigger like, Okay, my doctor wants to put me on a statin. I don't want to be on it, or I was just put on a statin. Can you help me now? Or I was put on high blood pressure medication. So and I guess one of the things I really like people to understand is that, remember the reference ranges I've referred to? Well, there can be what we call dis ease in a reference range. So the doctor tells you, you're in the reference range, nothing's wrong, and you still feel like something's not quite right. That's the time to have a conversation with me. At least find out is there or isn't there because if we can catch it, when it's just A as we say, a dis ease, instill until instead of waiting until you get to the point where now you're on the other side of the reference range. And the doctor can now say, oh, now you're in the range where we say you have this disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure or a thyroid problem, whatever it happens to be. If we catch it early enough, you got bad arthritis, you got aches and pains, you're not sleeping, well, whatever it is. We can catch it now. We beat the disease. You know, I say doesn't get created overnight. It's not like oh, I didn t have diabetes. And now I went to the doctor yesterday. I didn't have a but now today I have. Right?

Unknown Speaker 35:52

That is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 35:53

That's great. Okay. And then Judy, if somebody wanted to get a hold of you How do they get ahold of you?

Unknown Speaker 36:02

Well, the best way I suppose would just be the give me a call. It's fine. My number is 414-736-8899. And I do a 30 minute complimentary consultation, because I don't want somebody to work with me first of all, if they don't need to second of all if you're not ready, right? So I want to have a chat and see who you are, where you're at, and I want you to get to know me, because if you're like me, and you want to move forward, that's great. If you don't like me, Well, you know, that happens to that's why there's so many doctors and ask for five providers in the world. But you need to work with somebody that you know like and trust because you're going to talk about stuff It's not always the easiest stuff to talk about with somebody. And right understand that my job is not to criticize or be judgmental. It is bearly to be a sounding board and a recommendation person. Okay, so here's what happened. Here's where you are, here's what might we might be able to do. Right?

Unknown Speaker 37:26

Right. Right. And it's it's an alternative because you know, I'm one it's totally adamant. I don't like medication.

Unknown Speaker 37:34

Well, no, you know, I can't I absolutely do not one of the problems is that people don't realize that over the counter, doesn't mean safe. One of like, like ibuprofen and aspirin and whatever the other things that are those, destroy a stomach and people you know, they they are not well versed in, in what we can do even on a small basis to help people that said, people can go to my website it's Han holistic And there's lots of free freebie information, because I believe in educating, right? Yep. They can also click on a link to set up a discovery session with me right there on the website. I have a Facebook group that is also I mean, Facebook business page that's called hand holistic health and tons of information. I try to give people heads up and recommendations, not health recommendations, but just things that are little tips and tricks and things to watch out for. so fantastic. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:00

Sam well, Judy, thank you so much for being on the show today. I

Unknown Speaker 39:04

cannot I cannot express how much I appreciate your allowing me to share what I do. And it even if no one ever contacts me, I'm just been able to, you know, bring some awareness so that people can start to realize that they can control their health. And they can go to a doctor and say, you know, I don't understand that or I don't like that or whatever. So, if I can be afraid for good, that's my

Unknown Speaker 39:39

Yes. I mean, I, I love it. I'm just going to summarize it is it you know, again, it's just advocating for yourself. And, you know, it's that's empowerment at the end of the day. It's empowerment, you know,

Unknown Speaker 39:52

it is, it is.

Unknown Speaker 39:55

Thank you so much, Judy. I appreciate it. And thank you for listening. I appreciate you tuning in and do you know that you got it?

Unknown Speaker 40:07

Ever feel like you're running around in circles as a manager.

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