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Episode 5 - Interview with Melissa Hartman & Network Marketing

Updated: May 5, 2021


Ever wonder about network marketing? Find out how you can make over six figures create the life that you want, and work the schedule that fits your needs. If you find yourself in a situation where you don't think you can start a business, that's okay. There are so many business opportunities for you to explore outside of starting a new business. Tune into this week's episode of stand out and grow to learn more. I'm Kat Ramirez, your host of stand out and grow. I want to help your business stand out, survive, succeed and grow. building your business is really really hard. And knowing what marketing and advertising tools you need to help you become successful is extremely confusing. After 30 years of working with thousands of businesses I am here to help you make good business decisions. I want to help you understand the programs that are available to you so that you can stand out, survive, succeed and grow. So let's get started. We want to bring you someone who has made a dream come true for herself and her family with network marketing. She went from being a single parent living with her parents and having a crappy job to now making over six figures and living the life that she never even imagined. She is a Facebook celebrity with her own personal weight loss story, and her love for the keto program. Please join me in welcoming Melissa Hartman. Hi, this is Kat Ramirez with standout and grow today I have a very very special guests We're going to talk a little bit about network marketing, how you can create your own opportunity to have flexibility in your schedule, to live the life that you want to live and to be able to do the things that you want to do and be happy. Our guests has a previous background in direct sales, dental office, she's a single or was a single mom. And she was just missing out on a lot of things in her life with and raising a child, her and her daughter. And so I am thrilled to death to introduce to you Melissa Hartman, am I saying that right, Melissa?


You are Yes. Thank you so much, Kat. I'm so excited to be here today.


Awesome. Awesome. So Melissa, I want to hear from you, you know, exactly like a little bit background lead us into how you got into now. network marketing because I know you're a little bit of a celebrity on Facebook and social media. So give me a little background on your own words on how did you get into that and why you got into that?


Yeah, absolutely. And you know, the one thing that I love about life that it just makes it so powerful, it's so crazy as the just kind of the route that you take, right? Because it's never a straight path. So don't ever feel like just because you're not you're not on the exact path you think you're meant for that. That's not okay, because we all get there somehow. So, for my story, I actually didn't know network marketing was a thing, right? So I was a single mom and I, I was on my own. I actually had to move back home with my parents after my I had my daughter. I was pretty young. And that was really tough for me because I had already been on my own since I was 17. And I had that life. of what I thought was independence at the time. And once I had her and I realized I couldn't do it on my own, I moved back home. And I just started working at like that regular nine to five. Right. And that was something that was kind of different for me because I had always tried to find something that was a little bit more unique, but you do what you have to do you know, so I started that. And then I realized that I was basically just paying for childcare. Any of you moms or dads out there who, who know how expensive childcare can be know how frustrating that is, but I was working at a dental office, and I came across direct sales, and I said, Oh, okay, well, maybe this is something and I actually didn't have anybody offer me the opportunity. So there was nobody there at a party I'd gone to saying, Hey, are you interested in something like this? And thinking back on it I'm, you know, I'm one of those people you want to have on your team. Like, if you could have five of you, would you be satisfied with that? And so I came to somebody and I said, Hey, I'm interested in this. And I did really well in direct sales. But the thing that I wasn't happy with was the fact that I actually had to leave my house. Therefore, I had to find a babysitter. So I was paying for childcare during the day. And then I'd pay to either drive her to another daycare or, or childcare at night, or I'd have to ask my parents if they could watch my daughter while I was going to somebody else's house. So sometimes I'm driving anywhere from, you know, 15 minutes, two hours each night just to get to and from a party and that just wasn't the lifestyle I really wanted to live. So with a busy schedule, I had let my health fall to the wayside. And I had gained a bunch of weight so I actually ran across somebody on the internet. I had never met her in my life. We were in A company together at one point, and the company that I was with said, do not follow this person, or Wow. So then what do I do? Right? I go and see what's what's up with this person not to follow her. So if you ever tell somebody not to do something, they're probably going to go do it anyway,


right? Um, but I actually


followed her journey because she was losing weight. And that's what I wanted. And then I found out there's this whole other world out there, network marketing that is, and I could actually potentially work from home and lose weight. So I didn't quit my day job right off the bat. I definitely was very steady Eddie about it. But I basically told people this was the journey I was taking and to like, follow along and kind of see kind of see what this was all about and and go on that journey together. So that's really how I got introduced to network marketing.


Okay, and so let's talk about A little bit about the product or the a program that you that that Lord you in like you. I mean, you can say who it is and what it is.


Yeah, so I actually take ketones, so I had done like a low carb diet on and off for years, and I never stuck with it right, I'd fall off on a holiday and then I'd actually gain the weight back and then some, right I'm sure there's people out there who can relate to that. And so I just never really found something that worked for me. I tried to like drink your meals, I've tried the weight watchers, you know, the shakes that kind of stuff and it just didn't work for me and then I came across the ketones and I, I I said, Okay, this is a drink and that's it and you drink it and that's it. And I was like, This is not gonna work right? I was the ultimate skeptic. But I reached out and I got a five pack of the products and it's it's It's amazing because it's simple, right? Like, it's, you need something in your life that's realistic. So I take our products multiple times a day now, and they helped me with, for me personally energy focus and appetite suppression. And with that, actually, I've lost over 100 pounds. So


Wow, that is amazing.


It's been a great journey. It's cool, because, you know, in the beginning, I was really focused on Okay, let's get skinny, right? Because that's what a fat girl wants is to get skinny, right? But now it's cool to have the opportunity to, like, see my strength and my endurance growing too. So that is


awesome. That is awesome. So let me ask you this, Melissa, in the beginning, when you first were using the product, but then also selling the product. Okay. How difficult was it to get other people to buy into this product?


I think I think a lot of people are skeptics at first, you know, just Like I was, but then what happens is when you're consistent, right, so I was consistently showing up on I mean, for me personally, I love to run my business on social media. So when I was consistently showing up week after week after week, and people can literally see me melting on screen that does something to a person because they realize, Wow, she is not messing around. So when I post my before and afters, people are like, holy cow, this girl means business. So, I think consistency is huge. You know, if if you're not consistently showing people that you're showing up each and every day for yourself, they're less inclined to do business with you because they they can't trust somebody who's inconsistent in their business.


Right? Right. And then and if you're a skinny girl and you're promoting, you know your product and there's not going to be a lot of believability because you're a skinny girl, you know, but if you are Buy product and you're a sample of what is the potential? I believe that's the strength in it.


You know, I'm saying absolutely,


yep. Okay, so it was easy for you to utilize the product. What What would you say? Because I love how this just aligns with, you know, advertising and marketing for small to mid sized businesses is you talk about consistency, which I love. But how long do you think it was? Because it didn't happen overnight. Right? You didn't lose all the weight overnight. Mm hmm. So how long do you think before you got to a place where you're like this works.


I mean, I've been consistently posting on social media on this journey for almost three years now. So I would say enemy here's the thing about weight loss when you have a lot to lose in the beginning you you have a drastic drop in weight. A lot of times in the get go. So I would say for me, people really started watching and kind of catching on after I posted that first before and after picture within my first couple of months of business, okay? And then they've just kept watching because the journey is ever evolving with people. So it's gone from weight loss, which is cool. But now it's all about mindset. And it's all about, are you prepared to make this change in your life? Because it's not just, oh, yeah, I'm going to lose weight. It's Oh, yeah, I need to change my mindset and believe that I can actually accomplish this.

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